Athlete Profile: Andrew Newell

A lifetime Vermonter and Stratton Mountain School graduate, Andy has always called southern Vermont home and loves his summers spent there training and playing. Andy has competed in three Olympics and been a member of the US Ski Team since 2001. In the last year, in addition to his training and travel, Andy wrote and produced his own country music album, built his cabin in Southern Vermont and worked extensively with environmental agencies to grow awareness and action against climate change in the athletic community. He’s basically superman. Except for distaste for wearing shirts.


AGE: 33

HOMETOWN:  Shaftsbury Vermont (Stratton Mountain School)


CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 3x Olympic Team Member, Top Ranked American Sprinter the last 12 years, 4th Place Finish World Cup Sprint Overall 2013

World Cup Finals 2013
World Cup Finals 2013

ON MY OFF DAYS I…am usually off surfing or skateboarding when I should be resting.

IF WE WERE SUPERHUMAN MY SUPERPOWER WOULD BE… it’s a tie between being able to travel anywhere instantly, and being able to speak every language in the world. If I had both it would lead to some pretty fun times thats for sure.

FAVORITE SKI MEMORY: reaching the podium for the first time in 2006, it was the first time an American had achieved that since my skiing idol Bill Koch 23 years earlier.

andy surfs

PERSONAL SPONSORS: Union Mutual, RUNA, Powerbar, T2 Foundation, Rudy Project Eyewear, Fischer Skis, Swix, YOKO, Marwe

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