Athlete Profile: Erika Flowers

Erika, one of the six original SMS Elite Team members, is a Dartmouth College graduate and Montana native. Though she rarely shares it, she has the singing voice of an angel, and spends her time playing and listening to music, reading and blogging. She has always loved the outdoors and favors most the workouts that take her on long days exploring trails and climbing mountains.


(photo by FlyingPoint Road)

AGE: 27



If we were super human, my super power would be…growing muscles. Just kidding, probably flying or being able to control the weather.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 3X NCAA All American; 1st Place Swiss Cup, Silvaplana Switzerland 2014; 6th place US Nationals Houghton, MI 2015


FAVORITE RACE VENUE: Bohart Ranch, Bozeman, MT; Soldier Hollow, Midway, UT

ON MY DAYS OFF I… love to adventure, surf, fish, eat donuts, drink copious amounts of coffee, brainstorm ideas for NOSH (@NOSH_happy), catch up with friends, do yoga, make lists, soak up the sunshine, swim.

My favorite ski memory is…racing at NCAAs my senior year in my hometown of Bozeman, MT with three of my best friends and current teammates on SMS T2. That day, Dartmouth placed all three girls in the top 6, helping the East sweep the podium under the heat of a blazing western sun. One of the hardest and most amazing races I have ever experienced.


PERSONAL SPONSORS: Fischer, Swix, Salomon, Rudy Project, PowerBar, Polar, Marwe, Toko, T2 Foundation, Caldwell Sport

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