Athlete Profile: Jessie Diggins

As one of the original six, Jessie’s been around the SMS Elite team for a long time! Coming from Minnesota, she’s failed to lose her midwest accent so far but has gained a lot of friends out East, and loves training with her teammates. Graduating from Stillwater High School in 2010, Jessie gave up a scholarship to NMU to pursue a full time career in skiing like the crazy little lady she is. Besides training and racing, which she loves because it gives her the opportunity to push her body to new limits, she enjoys swimming, cliff jumping, reading, dancing, camping and learning to play guitar. Jessie has also been a member of the US Ski Team since 2011.



AGE: 25
HOMETOWN: Afton, Minnesota but more recently…STRATTON, VT!
PERSONAL SPONSORS: Slumberland Furniture, Fastenal, Bose, Salomon, Swix, Podiumwear, American Birkie Foundation, Rudy Project, Nuun, Kate’s Real Food Bars

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:World Champion (2013 team sprint with Kikkan Randall), 3 x World Cup winner of the 5km individual skate event (2016-17), World Championship silver medalist (2015 10km freestyle individual event), 8th in the 2014 Sochi Olympic Skiathlon.

FAVORITE HOBBY/NON SKIING ACTIVITY: Dancing and playing her little pink travel guitar!
NUMBER OF ROLLER SKI SCARS (on knees alone): 10
RACE DAY MUST-HAVE: Her trusty bottle of glitter.


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