Uphill Runs and Agility with the Kids

Yesterday was a big day for SMS T2. In the morning, the team kept themselves busy by shattering course records and PRs on the 2-mile uphill run test. Sophie and Simi both set the women’s and men’s records, coming in at 13:11 and 11:40, respectively. In the meantime, Ben, Annie P., Annie H., and Erika all set personal records for the time trial. Check out photos and times on the SMS junior blog here.

In the afternoon, the team headed down to the Stratton Mountain Resort parking lot to set up an agility course and drills with the juniors. One of the primary goals of the team is to cultivate a strong skiing culture with kids around Stratton, and one way of doing that is training with and coaching local kids several times a week. Yesterday, we had a group of kids ages 10-19 practicing their skills with the pros. It was chilly and rainy, but that didn’t stop the group from having a good time.

The group lining up on the wet pavement.
Annie H. gives her new friend some rollerskiing tips.
Sophie, who has a broken elbow, doesn’t need poles to teach good technique.
Andy shows the fast boys how it’s done.
Alex Cobb gets mad air on the jumping portion of the course.
Russel practices his cornering.
Sophie and Annie H. with their devo girls.
Sophie teaches her famous lunge.
Ben chasing Andy through the slalom course
Simi, who set up the course, instructs the devo boys.



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