Andy and Erika Win Jim Bridger Trail Run

En route to Alaska for snow camps in Anchorage, Andy and Erika thought it would be appropriate to make a pit stop to collect some hardware in Montana (ok, they attended a wedding or something, too). The Jim Bridger Trail Run is an annual race hosted by the Bridger Ski Foundation. In ten miles, it covers 2,000 ft of vertical climbing, half the altitude of Stratton at an altitude of twice that (you can do the math).

To make it to the finish line, the runners must conquer a mountain pass, water hazard and canyon. Were Andy and Erika deterred? No chance. Erika, who just came off a victory in the US Biathlon uphill time trial, took the win by almost six minutes while Andy, who had been tapering after a back injury, took the men’s title by over a minute.

If you want to see it for yourself, you can check out results here. Also, FasterSkier’s write up here.

Erika is spending time with her family before flying way north to join the women’s US Ski Team on snow camp on Eagle Glacier. Meanwhile, Andy is coming back to Vermont before joining the US men’s contingent in AK.

SMS T2: conquering the world, one time zone at a time.


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