Ben’s Minnesota Visit

This past week I got to go home for a short break before our Park City/Canmore Camp. I hadn’t had the chance to be home since early June, so I was pretty psyched to go back home, my dog did not seem to share my level of enthusiasm.
photo 2
The Twin Cities are different from Vermont in a myriad of ways, but the one I noticed the most was traffic. Going from one of the most rural areas in the state of Vermont, to a big metropolitan area has it’s drawbacks, and hitting traffic everyday was definitely one of them. It took me 35 minutes to go 2 miles this day:
photo 1
The main focus of the week was preparing to host “Speed Camp” an event the US Men’s team likes to host several times throughout the year. It’s an event where little dudes get to go and rip around on skis while learning how to go even faster. I worked with all 3 of the large ski clubs in the twin cities to put together an awesome afternoon.Thanks to finnSisu for the shirts!
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I just finished my first day of testing out in Park City where Paddy and I are living in a luxury condo(I think they let us in by accident) waiting for all our teammates to arrive and camp to start! Adios.

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