Sophie’s Update!

I’m currently in the Chicago airport on my way east from Salt Lake. I just met up with Simi, Paddy, Andy, and Erika on their way back from Canmore. A few of us are heading to New York City for a couple days to attend the US Ski Team Ski Ball. It will be a nice little break from training and a rare opportunity to explore the city before returning to Vermont. After the ball, we will have two or three weeks before some of us travel to Europe and others travel to West Yellowstone for the first races of the season.

Sunset over Salt Lake with Parker
I was planning on heading to Canmore with the rest of the team, but after I broke my elbow, my coaches and I decided it would be a better idea to stay in Park City and work on elbow rehab while I had access to all the US Ski Team resources. I missed being in Canmore and really missed my teammates, but I was able to make a lot of progress with my elbow and I kept myself busy by catching up with my non-ski racer friends and making some new ones. I was also cleared to start doing one pole rollerskiing and running. I’m waiting until I get home to rollerski because I’m more familiar with the roads and terrain back there, but I was so happy to be outside running in the mountains again. There are so many trails in and around Park City and Salt Lake and I feel like I was just beginning to discover them all!
My new brace!
My new brace!
Sadie took me on my first run after surgery!
I switched elbow braces into a removable brace that is significantly smaller and more comfortable. I wear my brace when I exercise, sleep, and am surrounded by a lot of people, but I’ve been trying to take it off to stretch out my elbow as much as possible. When your arm is immobile for a couple weeks, the muscles tend to tighten up and shorten, so I’ve been working with the USST physical therapists to start stretching my arm back out. It’s not always pleasant, but it’s worth it to see the progress. I have a followup appointment on the 14th and am still hoping to head over to Europe with the rest of the team on the 16th. I will probably not be racing at least the first World Cup weekend because I will just be starting to use my second pole, but it will be a good opportunity to get on snow and I’ll be happy to be with my teammates.
Hike up Bald Mountain with Rosie and Sadie !
Hike up Bald Mountain with Rosie and Sadie !
Over the next few weeks, most of the SMS T2 team will be in Stratton getting in our final fall training before the season starts. Check back for some more updates soon!

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