Jessie’s Season preview

WHAT?!?!? The season is here? No way. Noooooooooo way. It’s not November….is it?

can't. believe. it.

It’s ok, though. I’m ready. Ready to hit the World Cup!

Time to go!

So, in a series of images that are pretty much the finest the internet has to offer, I’d love to show you what the next few months of my life will look like!

I’ll have to pack up for Europe. 5 months on the road is a loooooong time, so packing is a really big process. Literally.

It's hard to bring everything, ok? Don't judge!

Then I’ll show up to europe with way too much stuff. But….I REGRET NOTHING!

Not a thing.

I always conduct myself professionally in our hotel rooms.

that's me.

The World Cup dining halls are often crowded. People watching is spectacular. It kind of reminds me of high school lunches sometimes….ooooooooh, who will I sit with?!?

Sometimes you can even trade food :)

And sometimes, the food is just amazing.

can't even stand it.

Because our girls team is pretty tight, we sometimes usually always try and coordinate outfits.

Sadly, this is kinda true.

I also get asked why I’m almost always skiing around without a jacket or extra coat on. Well….

I feel ya, Elsa.

When we’re skiing around the World Cup, I always have a moment or two when I’m totally starstruck. It’s not my first rodeo or my first year on the circuit, but I’m still blown away by all of the amazing skiing happening right in front of me!


Time to race! When it’s time to put glitter on people and braid hair, I will be like:

Inevitably, some races will go very well. And some of them won’t. And then I’ll be like:

(but don't worry, it's never THAT bad...)

And then our coaches will be like:

so get a grip!

Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Of course, people will anonymously comment on our races, good or bad:

Looking at you, Fasterskier comments.

But hopefully it won’t ever look like this:

ouch. ouch. ouch.

And there will be some great races and fun times! And our coaches will be like:

strong work.

There’s always the tricky road trips involved with getting from one place to another. Maps can be hard, folks. do we get there?

And the twisty roads? Don’t even get me started!

So. Scared.

So. Carsick.

Who knows? I may try and talk people into making another music video. Which means I get to choreograph the dance. Which means I’ll be spending a lot of time in my room like this:

I just need to buy some moon boots first...

There’s always a time during those 5 months when spirits are down and people are a little homesick.

No parents?!?!?

And nobody’s doing their laundry. Because there are no machines to be found. Then people start doing this:

sad, but true.

This is when my role as team cheerleader is pretty important. And a good reminder to everyone:

So get out there and ski!

And if all goes well, we’ll end up looking like Bjornsen when he crossed the line at his first Olympic race ever:

Yeah buddy!


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