The West

June has been a very full month. I finished up the spring term at Dartmouth -don’t worry I passed all my classes- packed up my dorm and headed west! The day after we finished finals I flew to Colorado with my girlfriend Anne. Anne grew up in Loveland, Colorado a town about one hour north of Denver. Because Dartmouth is so close to my house in Lyme we spent a lot of time there during the school year. It was great to have some time at Anne’s house and to get to know the area. Huge thanks to the Strongs for the great visit!

This is not to say that we stayed put for the entirety of our vacation.. On the contrary, we took to the road and continued west. Our route took us from Loveland to Boulder to Frisco and finally to Moab. I’m still amazed with how much we managed to fit into a week on the road. I have to admit when we were planning this trip earlier in the year I was doubtful that we would make it to all our destinations but in the end we went to all of our ‘top priority’ landmarks and had an amazing trip.

Vail Pass

  • On the way to and from Moab we spent the night in Frisco, Colorado. Frisco sits adjacent to some of Colorado’s most popular downhill ski resorts including Vail, Copper, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone. On both mornings in Frisco I took advantage of the fantastic bike paths in the area and skied from Frisco to the top of Vail Pass. Each time the ski was about 15 miles (24km) with over 1,500 feet of climbing ending on top of the pass at 10,662 ft.

    All smiles at the top of the pass!
    All smiles at the top of the pass!

Devil’s Garden, Moab

  • Moab is amazing. There is no other way to put it. We were out exploring Moab pretty much non stop while we were in town but I still feel as if we barely scratched the surface of possibilities for excursions in the area. Our first day we joined the long line of cars cued up in front of Arches National Park to see some of the most popular attractions in Moab. I was absolutely blown away by the number of people going in and out of the National Parks. Once through the traffic we went to the northern most point in the park and ran a loop around Devil’s Garden and Double O Arch. The first mile of the loop was congested with tons of tourists but after we made our turn onto the “Primitive Trail” we hardly saw anyone else.
    View from the halfway point.
    View from the halfway point.

    My best attempt at a selfie
    My best attempt at a selfie

Dead Horse Point, Moab

  • The last and far from least place we visited in Moab was Dead Horse Point in Canyonlands National Park. The panorama below hopefully gives you an idea of the views.. Again to avoid the crowds we went for a run around the park: up the East Rim and down the West Rim of the Canyon.

    View from the top!
    View from the top!

Now its time to get back to training in Stratton! I’m really excited to join my  teammates in Vermont this week and to be back in New England. Next update will be from NEW ZEALAND!


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