Athlete Profile: Paddy Caldwell

Paddy’s follows two successful years at Dartmouth College which included an NCAA championship title and three consecutive US Ski Team nominations. While his mother is world renowned for her cake recipes, Paddy himself can make a mean quinoa salad.
SMS T2 Classic 6.27.15-6642
AGE: 22
HOMETOWN: Lyme, NH (Ford Sayre/SMS/Dartmouth)
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 1st NCAA 10km Freestyle 2015, 15th U23 Championships Freestyle 2015, 10th World Junior Skiathlon 2014
NCAA Championships 2015 (
NCAA Championships 2015 (
ON MY OFF DAYS, I… set out for a recovery expedition whether its hiking, biking, running, splitting wood and/ or sauning.
MY FAVORITE SKI MEMORY IS… Skiing every trail at Silver Star with the Dartmouth Ski Team.
IF WE WERE SUPER HUMAN, MY SUPER POWER WOULD BE… FLIGHT. Preferably superman style but I’ll take a broomstick if need be.
PERSONAL SPONSORS: Fischer, Swix, Powerbar, Rudy Project
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