Summer Camp

Like most other kids our age, summer camp is a July staple for the SMS T2 team. On Tuesday, we all packed our bags and said our goodbyes, heading off to our first summer camp of the year. Half the team headed to an “on-snow-summer” camp in New Zealand, while Annie P. Anne H. and I opted for a something a bit warmer. The Craftsbury Green Team graciously invited us to stay and train with them in Northern Vermont for the week so as our teammates headed South, we drove North in search of s’mores, ski training, and lakeside living!


Craftsbury is basically the ultimate summer camp for the eco-conscious active adult who loves good food. Every morning begins with breakfast at the team house, complete with fresh eggs (literally from the chicken’s bottom) and homemade bread courtesy of Caitlin Patterson, the adopted “in-house” team baker. The pigs, geese and chickens that surround the Green Team house often wake you before your alarm but the sunny weather all week made it easy to get out of bed. At 8:15 (or more typically at least 5 minutes earlier) the coaches would show up and shuttle us to our morning training session. The week included a mix of distance skis, speed work, intervals, and strength as well as a few surprise workouts. Afternoons and evenings included gourmet, locally sourced meals at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, an afternoon training sesh around the Nordic trails or in the gym, and a quick jump or swim in the lake to cool off before hitting the bed hard.


Our neighbors, a fam of geese housed at the end of the CGRP driveway

In addition to supporting a strong cross-country program, Craftsbury also boasts one of the best elite rowing programs in the U.S. On Thursday afternoon, I had the chance to try rowing for the first time and jumped at the opportunity. Annie P and Pat had some experience and showed me the ropes and soon it was just like “Boys in the Boat” except, you know, a little more like “girl in the boat.”


We also joined the Green Team for their weekly cross-fit session on Friday afternoon, an experience that was equal parts invigorating and humbling. Picture profusely sweating (read: soaking through your shirt and shorts) in a gym with 15 other people while you hammer around a strength circuit that you must complete in under 30 minutes. Everyone is moving, everyone is working, the music is blasting and the clock is ticking, counting down the minutes and seconds left to finish the circuit. To give you an idea, the jury is still out on which was harder…the morning skate intervals with level 4 finishes or the afternoon cross-fit circuit.

Annie H doing a skate speed
Me at the end of an hard skate interval session
Hurting together, learning together. Thanks to the CGRP girls for hosting us all week!

We finished the week with a long combination distance workout, classic skiing to the top of Mt. Mansfield and then running down to a welcome swimming hole. Another strength session and bike ride later, we packed up our bags and said our goodbyes to our northern Vermont friends. We owe a huge thank you to the Green Team for hosting us all week and sharing their beautiful training facilities and summer camp splendor. Nothing like a week away to keep things fresh and get us fired up for the next few weeks of training!


Annie P enjoyed her reunion with her college teammate, Heater

Ruka- Over and Out


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