Round the World

We’re off to Norway today! It’s been a great, albeit quick, two weeks in Vermont between our two summer training camps that are literally half way around the world from each other. Our USST camp in New Zealand finished up great. Conditions down there were unbelievable this year. Of course we had one day of rain, but a trip to New Zealand wouldn’t be complete without at least at bit of terrible weather. Being able to ski in July is one of those things that gets me thru the summer. And it always seems to come just in time, right when the days in Vermont get wicked hot and the majority of your training sessions are spent day dreaming about skiing in perfect tracks under cold and blue skies.


I’m already looking forward to getting back down there next summer for more great skiing… everything about it totally rocks. The culture is friendly and welcoming, the mountains are huge, the food is delicious, and there’s always something to do whether it’s skiing under the winter sun, running on a great trails around Lake Wanaka, or even just hanging at the Snow Farm coffee bar. If you haven’t been down there, you should probably put it on the list.


I’m really looking forward to spending two weeks in Norway. It’ll be a completely new experience being there during the summer with 18 hours of daylight this time of year. We’ll train near Trondheim for the majority of the camp before we hit the roads for real for the Toppidrettsveka roller ski festival. The summer race series will kick off with a 3.5 km uphill running stage (yikes), followed by a 50 km double-pole stage, a classic sprint, and a 15 km pursuit, all spread over three days. Even though you can never place a huge amount of stock in races in August, it’ll be nice to get back into the racing mindset as the season gets closer and closer. And of course it’ll be great to see so many Norwegian and Swedish World Cup friends. I’ve already made sure that I have lots of room in my bag for bringing plenty of brown cheese home when we come back in two weeks.

Version 2

Stay tuned and check back in here to see some pictures and hear stories from Jessie, Andy, Sophie, and myself. Thanks for the support!


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