Recipe for Success

I love metaphors.  At least 87% of my personal blogs utilize the metaphor to explain a larger phenomenon, fill up space, reflect on the past or project the future.  After two big weeks of training, I’m simply out of brainpower (training doesn’t only tire out the body, but also as it turns out the mind) to come up with a new way to express my feelings, so I’m going to stick to the metaphor.


Ski racing teams, and more specifically SMS T2, has been compared to a lot of things, but I think the simplest comparison is to making a pizza.  And not the frozen kind, not the Papa John’s kind, but the really delicious and instagram worthy woodfired kind with beautiful, local, organic ingredients.


First, you start with the raw ingredients.  Nothing can be greater than the sum of its parts, so to have a good final product you must start off with the best possible bases.  Enter my SMS T2 teammates.  While not all of us are locally grown (we come from all over the United States), all of us bring our own unique flavor and talents.  Andy, Sophie, and Paddy bring the earthy local Eastern element.  Annie H., Jessie and Ben bring the Midwestern heartiness (and love of Cheese), while Simi, Erika, and Annie P. bring the smoky and spicy Western flavor.


But raw ingredients stay just that- raw ingredients- without the tender loving care of excellent coaches.  Lucky for us, Master Chefs (coaches) Sverre Caldwell and Patrick O’Brien create training plans and a team environment that allows each of the ingredients (athletes) to shine, while simultaneously creating a harmonious flavor (team).


Even when all of the ingredients are put together in the correct ratios with the right combination of flavors in mind, an uncooked pizza just isn’t good.  Cold pizza, YES. Raw pizza, no.  Every good pizza requires a big 500 degree stone oven.  Or in ski terminology, a big supportive community.  And we most certainly have that here in Stratton.  We are so lucky to call this community home, and so humbled by all of its past and continued support.

Come one, come all!
Come one, come all!

Moment of complete honesty- this metaphor came into my head for a reason (and a tasty one at that).  On September 8th at 5:30 P.M. the J.J. Hapgood Store is generously hosting a pizza fundraiser for the SMS T2 team.  Each athlete is designing specialty pizzas with flavors from around the world, and cost is $20 per person for pizza, salad, and dessert.  We hope to see you there, and can’t wait to meet even more of our oven.

It’s sure to be instagram worthy, so save the date! #SMST2pizzaparty


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