Kicking off Lake Placid Camp

Andy gets us ready for a week of hard training in Lake Placid! 

First off I’d like to extend another big thank you to everyone who came out to support the team last week at our Pizza Night at Hapgood Store. Hapgood Store was incredibly generous for hosting us and it was an especially fun night for me seeing the ski community of West River Nordic and a lot of the Prospect Nordic Southern Vermont folks all at the same gathering. Getting the chance to play live music with my Dad, the Doc, and Erika was also a huge highlight!

Even with all the fun activities of last weekend we were still able to get in some quality training with the club and also the Sun Valley team who were in the Stratton area.  It’s always beneficial to have new faces in town for training and this was a perfect opportunity to have the SV crew around training for a whole week. We put together some hard interval sessions and a massive group speed workout before having one easy off day in preparation for our annual Lake Placid camp.

On a run around Stratton and the AT trail
On a run around Stratton and the AT trail

On Sunday the team and I made the 3-hour drive to northern NY where we just started our camp here at the Olympic Training Center.  This is a pretty easy camp for our team to attend since it’s right in our backyard, but by no means is it an ‘easy camp’. Lake Placid is usually one of the hardest training camps of the year with a ton of intensity workouts and time trials throughout the week. The roster for this year’s camp includes the USST, SMST2, and Sun Valley but also a large group of the National Elite Group which consists of the young up and coming junior and U-23 skiers in the county.

Some up and coming NTG girls
Some up and coming NTG girls

Having fast-paced group workouts is what LP camp is all about. We started things off this morning with some flat L3 pace line skating intervals, which is a great opportunity to work on skiing fast in a large pack. This afternoon we jumped right into some L4 double pole intervals making it a two-session interval day! We don’t double up on intervals very often but it is a perfect way to prepare for all those long days and back to back races on the winter months which are just around the corner.

It's a great drive to the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center
It’s a great drive to the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center

For the next 6 days we will continue training here with a big focus on speed training and of course more intervals.  We have bounding intervals scheduled up Whiteface Mountain on Thursday, which is always one of the toughest sessions of the year and usually turns into an all out max effort.  We will finish off the camp with our annual classic sprint time trial at the Olympic Park. With the taste of Fall in the air I think the whole team is really excited to jump into this high intensity block of training and make some big fitness and strength gains! Bring on the pain cave.


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