Who: SMS T2 athletes. That’s Erika, Anniex2, Paddy, Ben, Simi, Jessie, Andy and Sophie

Ski-a-thon 2013
Ski-a-thon 2013

What: A REALLY. LONG. SKI. For the fourth year running, SMS T2 will embark on a journey on wheels to garner support for the upcoming season. This is an individual fundraising drive, so while all donations proceed to SMS T2, each athlete has made his or her own personal fundraising goal.

Ski-a-thon 2014
Ski-a-thon 2014

When: TOMORROW, September 29th. Starting at 8, going pretty much all day.

Why: It costs about $30,000 per athlete to sustain a year of full time racing. The T2 Foundation generously supports a good chunk of that cost, but the rest is left up to the athletes to fundraise on an individual basis. We are a non profit organization and, through our partnership with T2, prioritize community outreach through sport. Thus, our athletes fund themselves primarily through donations for this event.

100K skied in 2014
100K skied in 2014

How: We function on pure grit and motivation, fueled by your help. To support the team and any athlete, donate here:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

You may also send a check written out to The Nordic Elite Fund and send it to:

Sverre Caldwell
07 World Cup Circle
Stratton Mountain, VT 05155


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