Vermont Fall

Sophie shares what she’s been up to as the leaves start to change in Vermont! 

Ever since we got our new L.L. Bean rain jackets earlier this summer, we’ve been pretty lucky with the weather. I don’t know if the two events are at all related, but New Zealand was beautiful, Norway rained the first day and then cleared up, Lake Placid was the nicest weather we’ve ever seen, and the past week in Vermont has been perfect. According to the forecast for this coming week, we’re finally going to have to use those jackets, but for the time being, I can’t complain.

Mtn biking in Landgrove (SMS photo)

People often ask me what my favorite time of year is and I’ve decided that this is it. I suppose it’s officially fall now, but the transition season of late September and early October in Vermont is hard to beat. The temperatures have fallen, the leaves are changing, there are fresh apples and cider doughnuts in every store, and I get to be home.

Fresh apples mean mom’s apple cake for dessert (photo by Erika)


Juggling lessons with Jessie and Erika (photo by Annie)

And of course, weirdly shaped gourds

We have most of the T2 team around the Stratton area and have been focusing on recovering from Lake Placid camp and getting in some solid training before heading out west for the majority of October. Jason Cork was here helping out for the last week, so between Coach Pat and Jason, our workouts have been really well supported. SMS is in full swing and we’ve done some workouts with the high school kids. It’s a big, speedy, young group that everyone should be looking out for this winter!

A hike up Mt. Abe during a visit with my sister, Isabel


Summit Selfie!


A view for miles


Double pole intervals chasing Jessie around

A mtn bike in Landgrove with the high school kids. John O. showing us the way. (SMS photo)

In other exciting news, our annual SMS Skiathon is happening tomorrow. Be sure to look for updates and visit our website if you would like to make a donation. Happy Fall!

A photo from our skiathon last fall



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