SMST2 Does the Desert


Andy updates us on the pre-Park City camp adventures!

Since a solid number of the SMST2 team was in Moab last week I figured I’d give everyone a run down on why we made such an epic trip out West! The main reason for the trip was to hang out with and celebrate our long time wax tech Peter Johansson.

Peter has been with the US Ski team for almost 10 years and has been a driving force behind bringing the team to where we are today.   As the results of the US crew began to improve on the World Cup the professionalism of the staff also stepped up each year lead by our head wax tech Peter.  Most simply put, all the podiums and personal bests over the years would not have been possible without the many hours and hard work Peter and the waxers have given us.

Crazy sunset views
Crazy amazing sunset views

Peter is unique because he is very much a proud Swede, but with so many hours traveling together throughout the World we have adopted him as one of our own.  As a veteran wax tech he has received better job offers with higher pay, less work, and fewer days on the road from many of the other National teams on the World Cup but in the end has always returned to lead our team.

I like to think he’s stayed with us so long because we have beaten the odds together by becoming a force on World Cup circuit.  We know how much hard work it has taken us all to get here so it can be tough to walk away. The US Skiing world owes a lot to Peter and me especially since he’s been at my side as my tech all these years.

Our campsite at Dead Horse Point park.
Our campsite at Dead Horse Point park.

So, as you can see we had a lot to celebrate! As a going away gift we all chipped in and flew Peter and his wife Tina over to Utah for a few weeks of vacation. Peter is a big fan of mountain biking so we thought there would be no better place to start his US adventure than in Moab.  And since he’s from very Northern Sweden (like above the artic circle) the Utah desert seemed like a pretty unique place to visit.

Peter J. at the edge of the canyon.
Peter J. at the edge of the canyon.

We had a great crew down there with many US Ski Team and T2 athletes including, Sophie, Jessie, Erika, and Simi as well as a bunch of coaches and friends. Pete Vordenberg was nice enough to reserve two campsites at Dead Horse Point, which was super secluded and one of the more scenic places I’ve ever camped with views of the huge canyons on either side of us.

Our desert activities included an epic 2.5 hour bike ride right from our campsites one morning, adventure runs, and lots of fun campfire cooking with the crew. The only bummer of the trip was a small bike crash involving Erika and her elbow, but spirits remain high. She will just be doing a little one-arm work over the next few weeks, which can often times be great training anyway.

Erika on a hike while her elbow heals back up!
Erika on a hike while her elbow heals back up!

For the next 10 days we will be staying here in Park City and finishing up our last USST camp of the off-season.  This will be a great opportunity to get in some high altitude training before we get on snow and also get together with all the best skiers in the country for a few weeks. We will finish off camp with a few hard time-trials at Soldier Hollow so it should be fun but extremely tough!


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