3rd Annual Speed Camp Recap

Andy shares some highlights from this year’s Speed Camp in Park City
At this years Speed Camp we saw an impressive showing with over 25 junior skiers from the Park City and Salt Lake area. Since we have been hosting camps here several times it is really cool us to see how these skiers are progressing. I was stoked to see big improvements in the overall technical ability of the young skiers here.
Andy getting the guys ready to go
Andy getting the guys ready to go
Speed Camp is a free clinic hosted by the US Ski Team mens squad. We like to focus on teaching agility and speed in a safe environment for the kids. Having world cup athletes help instruct fast cornering, sprint starts, drafting techniques etc, provides a unique opportunity for young skiers to practice skills that are not part of there typical ski practices. It’s my goal to make sure the next generation of xc skier is prepared for the physical demands of going fast.
Working on our starts
Working on our starts
Explaining some cornering technique to the group
Explaining some cornering technique to the group
Having a good time at speed camp is the number one priority because when the boys are having fun they are more likely to push themselves out of their comfort zone, which is where real progress is made. I like to remind the kids that it’s OK to crash, even the best skiers do, and it’s not a successful Speed Camp unless we have a few skinned knees out there. It’s all about building up that confidence that will shine through in their skiing and racing.
They're ready to go race!
They’re ready to go race!

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