Why we want YOU to Support SMS T2

We’re all in the process of returning back to Vermont after a demanding, but fun-filled Park City Camp. We wrapped up our camp in Park City with a three day mini tour after two huge weeks of training. It was a good opportunity to throw on a race bib, remember what it feels like to be nervous, and test all the hard work we’ve been doing this summer. We did quite well as a team and now we’re ready for the snow to fall so we can show you what we can do on skis. We have about two weeks left until we depart for World Cups in Europe and Super Tours in the west and we also have about two weeks left to do some fundraiser for our team.
Annie H and Sophie at Park City camp
We have very generously been given a matching donation of $25,000. This means that if we can raise $25,000 as a team, we will get another $25,000 to cover our expenses this season. These expenses include our coach’s salary and travel, our athletes wax throughout the race season, and summer housing expenses. We need your help to do our part in meeting our matching donation and here are some reasons you should support us.
1. If you have children and are from the area, we have most likely helped to coach and inspire your kids. If you don’t have children or are not from the area, you probably know someone whose children we have worked with. We ski with the local devo kids twice a week throughout the summer, train with the SMS high school kids, host Summit Sister, Fast and Female, and Speed camps, and we do it all because your children inspire us just as much as we inspire them. It wasn’t very long ago that we were their age and an older athlete inspired us to make a difference and pursue skiing.

2. We’re fast and we’re proud to let everyone know that we are part of the SMS T2 team, which consists of many more people than nine athletes. By supporting us, you’re part of our team and when we ski fast, you’re part of that too. Between our nine athletes on SMS T2 we have a World Champion and World Championship silver medalist, four Olympians, an NCAA champion, six NCAA all americans, half of the U.S. National A Team, and the entire U.S. National development team. We have the best skiers in the country and some of the best skiers in the world and you can be part of that.

3. We love what we do an we aren’t afraid to show it. We’re pretty lucky to have a team of nine athletes who not only get along as teammates, but are also close friends. We’ve made this little ski family that pushes each other through every workout and gives each other a high five after the good and the bad. We found something we’re passionate about and we pursue it together. Our smiles aren’t for the photos, they’re there because we love what we do and the people we do it with.

Those are three of many reasons you should support SMS T2. We realize how lucky we are and hope you will take the time to donate and/or come to our send off part on November 8th. To donate, please click here and to RSVP to our send off party, please email Sverre Caldwell atscaldwell@gosms.org. Thank you so much for being part of our team!


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