Ready to race!

Simi updates us on getting ready for months on the road and a new team video! 

It’s always a bit stressful packing and organizing for a 4 month journey. But by this point, we’ve gone thru the motions enough times, and pretty much know exactly how many pairs of clean underwear we need to bring that it’s become second nature to fill up a giant duffel bag with everything you can possible need (not want) for the next 18 weeks on the road. For four of us on the T2 team we ship off today, across the pond, to start another World Cup adventure. The rest of our team will depart for West Yellowstone next Wednesday, where the skiing is already considered “epically good” for mid November. Lucky dogs. It’s hard leaving home, saying goodbye to family and friends, but those emotions are always at least a bit alleviated with the promise of skiing on real snow after about 36 hours of planes, trains, and sketchy van rides on reindeer-riddled roads. I recently spent a week back in Colorado tying up loose ends with bills and insurance and all those other life details before coming back east for a few days before our big European departure. About a foot of cold, mid-winter snow graced the Rockies while I was there, and I actually got out for a couple skis on the public golf course before I left. No matter where you are in the world, in this day and age I feel like you’re always incredibly lucky if you get to head out on your real skis in early November. And although it was tough leaving the snow-capped mountains and cold blue skies of Colorado for the warm temps and sunny skies of Vermont, it wasn’t all that bad to get in a few more days of Indian Summer before we head for the arctic circle in northern Sweden and Finland. The highlight of being back in Vermont for a brief stop-over before hitting the road again was our send off dinner last Sunday night. It was great to see so many familiar faces from all around New England, all of whom came out to show their support for our team and wish us luck for the upcoming season. I made a little send-off video for the event, highlighting what it’s like to be part of such a great team and community, and why we feel so loved, supported, and eager to give back. You can check that video out here:

It was a very fun project to make, and I hope you enjoy it. Remember to follow us this winter as we travel, train, and race across the entire globe! Stay warm, pray for snow, and we’ll see you out on the trails! -Simi


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