Snow! and Skiing! and Stoke,OH MY!

It is maybe the most exciting time of the year.  Not only is Thanksgiving (maybe the third best Holiday) rapidly approaching, but Adele’s album just dropped, Erika is about to celebrate 26 years of life, and racing is upon us.  The domestic crew is currently in West Yellowstone preparing for the opening SuperTour races, while the US Ski Team members just finished up a very successful first weekend of Swedish FIS racing (check out Jessie’s blog for a full recap!)as a tune up for the first World Cup weekend in Finland.
unnamed (4).jpg
On a morning run with the little sis. Can’t beat those western sunrises! 
I have a good feeling about this season.  We’ve had a tremendous summer and fall of training in which we have strengthened our weaknesses and further honed our strengths.  Everyone has made great strides (pun half intended), and as a team we are fitter than ever. Further, everyone on the team is happy.  And thanks to podiumwear, everyone also looks good.  An unbeatable combination.
Testing out my new Madshus boards and practicing balance!
Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to toe the line.  After six days at altitude I’m beginning to get a feel for the pacing required to race and avoid the mid-race-uphill-tuck, and it has been tremendously fun substituting pavement for snow.  The feeling of flying downhill without fear of cars, and with the ability to brake when necessary has been immensely freeing, and even the cold temps can’t keep me from smiling.
The snow has just begun to lightly fall (the forecast is ever changing, but its looking like we will accumulate anywhere from one to eight inches of snow over the next 24 hours), and its about time for me to take my mid-day nap before my mid-afternoon snack.  Another thing about altitude- my metabolism is ripping and I don’t think I can eat enough.  There are worse things in the world 🙂
unnamed (4)
Day one on snow, and the stoke is high (P.S. “The Stoke is High” might be this year’s “Sending It.” Thanks to PG Gabe for that dialectical contribution. We’ll see, I’m currently testing it out.) 
Check back often as the race season gets underway and the results start coming in- we love our fans, and even if we can’t hear you, we know you’re there.

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