A very Harty Christmas

Since my last post (which was regrettably long ago) I’ve completed two weekends of racing, a mini tour of Minnesota, an absolute marathon in the Kitchen, logged some quality family time, and thankfully watched as our dreadfully brown ground transformed into a 95% White Christmas.  Sitting by the tree watching our cat chase leftover ribbon and experiencing the post-Christmas unwind, I thought I’d take a look back at the last couple of weeks- in photos!  After reading all kinds of directions for gifted gizmos and inspired holiday cuisine, my tolerance for the written word is currently at a low.

A winter wonderland in Silver Star, Canada! Whit El Nino currently wreaking havoc on the majority of the international snow situation it was wonderful to get a glimpse of the snowy white. We have a little snow in Minnesota, but nothing to throw hands in the air for. 
I was excited to get the opportunity to get another sprint under my belt in Silver Star, and even more thrilled to make it all the way to the “A” final! I did a big volume week leading up to the race, so I didn’t feel my snappiest, but it was really great to feel like I could stomp my foot on the accelerator and just go.  
Fifth place! And $100 richer–it was my first time accepting money as a full time skier (in case you were confused, I don’t ski for the money)
Happy to have my Dartmouth coach Cami cheering me on and helping me with skis! 
Erika has been rehabbing a broken elbow, and we were both psyched that the elbow felt good and that she went fast!
After an epic four hour ski to wrap up my Silver Star week with Thomas, I had a very easy flight home – I got upgraded to first class! I got a hair cut, and some cuddle time with the best dog ever, Liesel! 
And within just a couple of days of being home, it was off to the “races.” Due to the lack of snow in Houghton, Michigan the races I originally planned to compete in were cancelled. Both Coach Pat and I felt it was really important to get some sea-level racing in, so upon hearing a verified rumor that some of the Midwest junior teams and colleges were holding a very official time-trial, I jumped right at the opportunity. The weekend turned out to be two distance skate races, and I ended up first both days! 
Recovering between days with 3FU3L, one of my new product sponsors! They make a great pre- and post-workout drink with everything you need, and it tastes good too (actually, I’m not just saying that). After these races, Thomas, Val and I drove to Giants Ridge (home of the Minnesota State Meet) for a couple more days of on snow training. 
And just like that it was Christmas Eve Eve! I was pretty lucky that I was able to steal Thomas from Maine for another year of Christmas festivities, but we wanted to make him feel a bit of home in Minnesota. His family owns a Christmas tree farm, and so we decided to make him a wreath! His mother sent us all of the bows and wire and pine cones, Thomas and I went foraging for boughs, and the result was pretty spectacular if I do say so myself-even in the animals aren’t interested. 
Best part about Christmas-having my brother and sister in the same place! Henry was only home for three days- he left early this morning to go back to Yale for hockey. Even though I only got a short dose of him, it was so wonderful to have him tromping around the house. See you in the spring, Hen! 
It wouldn’t be a good trip home without a couple of stops at the PowerHouse. The PH posted a “12 Days of Christmas” workout on Christmas Eve, and it was a burner. The workout took the form of the traditional song. There were 12 exercises, and just like the song counts down the entire list, so did the workout. It was sneaky hard (ok, not that sneaky), and about 30 minutes of active work time. Needless to say, the entire Hart +Thomas clan was pretty tired, and ready for some Christmas Eve fondue. 


A hotly contested game of Dogopoly (dog themed Monopoly) may have been the highlight of Christmas Day. Things got very intense, and I won. 
Liesel must of been on Santa’s nice list-she got three huge elk antlers in her stocking! 
Happy Holidays! 

With just a couple of days until I depart for nationals, I’ve been keeping the training part of things very relaxed.  The races are quite important, and I’m prepping by making sure I have a full tank of gas (both mentally and physically), and planning for the things that I can control.  Looking forward to the good vibes, and for some fun Upper Peninsula style racing.


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