With Love, from Erika

February SMS T2 Team Blog

‘Tis the season for heart-shaped candy, red roses, love letters and chocolate-induced comas…also know as Valentine’s Day (or “Pal-entine’s Day”, “Gal-entine’s Day”…etc.). The SMS T2 domestic crew has been busy racing and I will be the first to admit the love-filled holiday snuck up on me (read: currently crowd-sourcing last minute Valentine’s ideas). To get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit, I offer you a rhyming re-cap of the last few weeks of exiting SuperTour racing stateside.

Spoiler alert: we stood on podiums 

Disclaimer: Rhyming has never been my strong point…take this as a work in progress.

Roses are red, first place ribbons are blue
The last few weekends, we sent it
Bringing home gold for SMS T2

We started in Lake Placid, a tough course round the jumps
Anne sprinted to 3rd, avoiding falling and bumps
Ben qualified 2nd putting up a good fight
Erika just missed the final, but her race suit was tight

The distance course turned into four laps of pain
We were left wanting more but skied our best just the same
From there we traveled to northern Vermont
To the Craftsbury trails and their gourmet restaurant

Annie H, Chelsea Holmes (APU) and I on the 5K podium in Craftsbury 

We enjoyed our fill of ham and whole grains
And made the best of some nasty warm weather and rain
Anne led the weekend off with a big victory
While Erika followed suit, finishing 3rd on her skis

Paddy won the men’s skate race, a casual 40-second lead
Lots of high fives and smiles for our awesome wax team
Meanwhile, Annie P took the college scene by storm
Racing fast and leading Middlebury in her finest form

Coach Pat testing wax 

Sunday’s 10km classic race proved tricky and hard
Some double poled the whole course, others used kick to go far
SMS T2 took the win once again
This time Erika topped the women’s podium

We left the weekend feeling good tired but quite glad
To return to Stratton to watch the SuperBowl Ads
Thanks for checking in for our midwinter update
Sending love to you and your Valentine’s date!!!



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