A look inside Red Bull Nordix with Andy

Exclusive Interview with Andy Newell Skier aka Red Bull Nordix Renegade

So what is Redbull Nordix exactly? And how did you get involved?

Redbull Nordix is an annual event that is put on after the last World Cups of the year. It is essentially skier cross on cross-country skis and sponsored by Red Bull. I’ve been invited to this event over the years because I am one of the first guys to do a lot of crazy stuff on Nordic skis so asked me to be there.

How many times have you done a Red Bull Nordix event like this?

Usually the event is in Europe after the World Cup races finish so I usually skip it in order to make it back for Spring Nationals but this year I was able to do it because the event was in Lake Louise.

How did you prepare for the event?

I didn’t really prepare for the event at all but I planned ahead and brought a pair of jib-skates out to Canmore for the event.

What did you race in? What are the requirements for equipment?

You have to be on cross-country gear. I wore pants and a jacket and then went down to tighter pants and a shirt but I refused to go full race suit. Some of the Europeans went full race suit.

Tell me about the course? What was the most challenging part? Where did you excel?

The most challenging part was a very simple roller but it followed a screaming fast downhill so if you took the downhill too fast you had to absorb the roller at high speed, which was challenging. I would excel anytime we were in the air off of the step-downs or the two table tops on the course.

Who was your biggest competition?

Dusan Kozisek from the Czech Republic is a 3X winner of the Redbull Nordix event so he flew out to Lake Louise just to do the race.

Men's Podium
Men’s Podium

How did you choose your helmet?

Whatever free helmet the rental shop gave me.

What did you wax your skis with?

HF and then Toko jet stream spray.

If you could do a Redbull Nordix event anywhere in the world where would you choose? And what would the course look like?

I would choose Stratton, VT so that all the locals and SMS kids could do it and I would put a half-pipe section in it.

Who is the future of the Nordic cross sport?

Ben Ogden

What was your strategy for the race?

I ran the course slow at first and then tried to get faster and faster each run so that by the finals I could take it at full speed.

Tell me about the final? How did you crash?

I crashed because I took one of the rollers too fast. I had won all of my other heats throughout the day so I was used to being out front but in the final I was following Dusan trying to draft him. One of the rollers we took at high speed caught me off guard and I lost my balance. I finished 4th overall.

How do you psych yourself up for an event like that?

I’m born psyched (lolz)

What did you eat for breakfast?

Pancakes and eggs and bacon

Did you lose your breakfast?


Any other epic crashes out there? Who wins the Jerry of the Day?

I think we all win Jerry of the Day because that’s the kind of dumb event it is but that is what makes it fun and funny.

At the start
At the start

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