A day in Anne’s spring life!

Anne Hart takes us through a typical spring day with her family in Minnesota. 


I am a professional cross country skier year round, which means that for one month of the year I do my best not to focus on ski racing.  Counter intuitive? Yes.  Also incredibly important? Absolutely.


It has been one month since I last toed the line for the 2016 season, and since that time I’ve been indulging in activities that aren’t available to me the other eleven months.  Social media extraordinaire Sophie has been giving some snapshots of what everyone on the SMS Team has been up to this Spring, and if you’re following us (which you should be) you’ll notice we are all doing very different things.

A wine and mobility class at the Powerhouse...a great combination!
A wine and mobility class at the Powerhouse…a great combination!

And that is the point.  Everyone requires something different to get them ready for the upcoming training season.  But since this is my day for the blog, I’ll walk you through my planner for last Friday.  While the days deviate slightly, Friday pretty much sums up everything I’m loving about my Minnesota April.

Photogenic breakfast
Photogenic breakfast

7:00  Wake up without an alarm, because I’m an absurd early bird and 7:00 AM was actually sleeping in for me .


7:00:30 Sprint up the stairs so I don’t miss the start of the Today show.


7:02  Make coffee, watch Savannah Guthrie look flawless whilst reporting on the 2016 Presidential Election, make a photogenic breakfast and peruse the New York Times.


8:00  Catch up on emails, finish thank you notes, do some fundraising work and scramble to make various plans with family and friends for the upcoming week (and figure out what I’m going to make for dinner, and look at a cagillion recipes before landing on the perfect one).


10:00 Have a snack en route to the Power House

Getting creative in the weight room for some speed work
Getting creative in the weight room for some speed work

11:00 Indulge my inner CrossFitter.  April and the first half of May are my time to make some big gains in the strength, speed, and coordination department.  When I don’t have to worry about roller skiing and long runs I can really focus on lifting technique, some ski specific core work, and fun Workouts of the Day (WODs).  I’m pretty excited about some of the changes I’ve made to my strength protocol this spring, and even more excited to test them out in the upcoming training and racing season!  Also eat lunch in this period.

Salmon, pesto, goat cheese, and arugula pizza (YES).
Salmon, pesto, goat cheese, and arugula pizza (YES).

3:00  Pick up Val (and friend) from her high school.  One of the big plusses of being home has been spending lots of time with my family.  Because of how training worked out in college, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time at home.  So I’m getting my home time in post college, and am quite thankful for that

Searching for the perfect grilled cheese with Val in St. Paul.  I think we found it.
Searching for the perfect grilled cheese with Val in St. Paul. I think we found it.

4:00 Dentist appointment.  The other big part of being home for longer than one week?  Lots of time to fit in all of those appointments I’ve been putting off.


5:00 Grocery store!  I LOVE the grocery store.  I could seriously spend HOURS wandering around some of the local co-ops (and the new Whole Foods), and at times I probably have.


6:00 Shower, and then have a glass of wine and appetizers with mom while we recap my Powerhouse workout and her day.

Doing some body care with the pets (and netflix)
Doing some body care with the pets (and netflix)

6:30 Dad gets home from work, and dinner preparation begins.  My mom and I have been really killing it in the kitchen if I do say so myself.  Our entrees have ranged from homemade pasta to stunning grilled meats, with lots of differents salads and sides as accompaniments.  On the menu for this last Friday, cast iron seared steak, a medley of roasted vegetables and rice.  Excellent.

Steak dinner!
Steak dinner!

7:30.  Eat the aforementioned dinner.


8:30 Get myself ready for bed, and continue powering through the Harry Potter series for the second time.  I made a goal for myself to read one book a week for the entire spring and summer, and so far so good.  It’s also easy when I’m re-reading my favorite series.


10:30 Sleep, trying to ignore the cats purring in my ear 🙂


A few more weeks of this schedule, and then it is off to Bend, Oregon for some on snow time (in May!)


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