Simi’s spring training kickoff

Mid-may?!?! Where did the time go? It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were putting storage wax on our race skis, doing a final laundry load of smelly race suits, and starting to shut off the brain from daily, organized training. Well, it’s time to dust off the cob webs and get back to it. In two days we’ll fly to Bend, Oregon for our annual on-snow spring camp at Mt. Bachelor. One of my favorite camps, Bend offers a huge variety of training opportunities. You can get out for a three hour OD in the morning on great spring snow, grab a quick bite and nap in town in the early afternoon, jump on your bike for a two hour ride on perfect, flowy single track in the early evening, and then swing by one of the many swimming holes on the Deschutes River for a quick dip before heading home to eat dinner. It’s a great camp and I’m really looking forward to getting the whole crew back together for some great training and camp life.


Spring in Colorado has been amazing. It continues to snow between three day periods of warm sunshine, so there is still plenty of skiing to be found in the mountains while the trails are starting to dry up down low for running and riding. Sophie and I spend most of April here in Aspen, where our days were filled with backcountry tours at our cabin, sleeping in, and eating home-cooked meals. We had a ton of friends make the trek down to Colorado to join us for some powder skiing at the cabin, including Liz Stephen, ex-ski racer Sylvan Ellefson and his wife Sarah, ex-Norwegian national team member Celine Brun-Lie, Gus Kaeding, Anya Bean, and all-star wax technician Tim Baucom. It seemed like every day we got out into the backcountry, the skiing was better than the day before. In between ski tours, we spent the rest of our time helping my sister and her fiancé, James, demo and then build their new house. It’s been awesome to feel like were contributing to something that we’ll be connected to for the rest of our lives, and hauling 10 tons of CMU blocks into a 20-foot-deep hole ain’t such a bad strength workout too.


To get our mandatory dose of beach, surf, and sun time, Soph and I flew down to Sayulita, Mexico for a week where we were joined by our good friend Matt Johnson (head coach at Montana State University). We ate like kings (and queen) for a few pesos a night, drank Tecate on the porch at sunset, and found some amazing surfing in the area. Mexico is one of my favorite countries to visit, and we came back feeling rested and ready to kick off the training year.


Since May 2nd (the first official day of training), I’ve been taking advantage of the great weather we’ve been having by getting out for some amazing crust skiing up Independence Pass, riding dry single track in Carbondale, catching the days’ last light on evening climbing missions on our local crags, and even getting out for a few roller skis on the great pavement around Aspen. I’m pretty amped that the season is under way again, and a summer full of hot training days in Vermont, extra blue classic skiing in New Zealand, and hanging on the Eagle Glacier in Alaska will surely not disappoint.  



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