Paddy’s Mid-Summer Update

Greetings from Hanover! Today marks the end of a big training block and a challenging week of midterm exams. I am just about halfway through the summer term at Dartmouth and love my classes so far. One of my goals for this year is to balance training with other activities and stimuli outside of skiing. For this summer that means another term of school along with lots of solid training. My courses this summer are Political Geography, Ethics of Food Choice and Astronomy. In addition to classes I’ve been able to sneak away from campus and go home to Lyme to visit my family on the weekends and spend time at our cabin. Last weekend was a highlight for me because the team came up to visit for a night on their way to the White Mountains for an epic run on Franconia Ridge.

Rolling through the Upper Valley
Cows on cows on cows

Nights at the cabin

Another highlight for me this month was the Prouty. The Prouty is a day of biking, walking, or running to support the Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire. My dad organizes a team – “Jennifer’s Tour” – in honor of my Aunt Jennifer and we always have a big crew of family and friends out to participate in the event – this year our team was over forty people! I rode the 100-mile loop with a group of Dartmouth skiers and Jennifer’s Tour riders and we had a blast riding together in a ‘peloton’ of around twenty riders. The day started with some nasty rain and wind but it cleared up mid morning and conditions were perfect for the remainder of the ride.  


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