Winter Athletes Do the Summer Olympics (at least according to Erika)

DSC_8251In honor of the Olympics, our team has been practicing all sorts of summer sport skills and embracing an international group of training partners. A group of juniors from Sweden traveled across the pond to train with the SMS team for a few weeks and we’ve loved getting to know them and share some of our favorite workouts and training spots. Kevin Cutts, former NMU skier and Vermont local Kevin Cutts, coaches the group and decided a trip to Vermont was the perfect end of summer training trip!

So how does the SMS Elite team do the Summer Olympic Games?


DSC_8301Jessie getting those shoulders ready to take on Michael Phelps in the pool.

Speaking of which, we’ve all been embracing the whole “training in the water” thing by enduring ridiculously sweaty ski-walking interval sets up the mountain. And of course practicing our best “Phelps face.”



DSC_8251Simi doing a little pre-strength warm-up with the “football” as the Swedes call it



USST PM Training 6.30.16-3506-XL

DSC_8305Clearly Sophie and I are THE “rookies to watch” in the Olympic lifting category



Paddy giving it his all on his way to victory in the uphill run test! Look for him in the running events…the 400 all the way to the marathon.


DSC_8384Ben has been working on his ups both in the gym and on skis…the roller-skis provide great resistance training and the dual pole technique is really innovative.


DSC_8232Looks like Julia and Sophie may have a little work to do here but as Cork likes to say “sometimes you have to strive for progress not perfection.”


13920790_1302078916471422_8790877278162424802_nHere Annie practices the human sail technique while Jessie blows on her. It takes an incredibly strong core and a very good sense of humor.


DSC_8224Andy warming up and opening the chest for archery practice


We may be winter athletes but we are fully embracing the summer Olympic spirit! Keep your eye out for some of us in 4 years ☺


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