New Zealandisms

Life down unda’ is a bit different from Vermont…

Ida, Jessie and KO enjoying the trails!
Ida, Jessie and KO enjoying the trails!


Although the majority of kiwis speak English, the familiar language sounds almost entirely different in New Zealand. A few of my favorite translations…

Toilet paper: Nappy

Sausage: Saucy

Friend: Mate

Person: Fella

Head: Noggin

Candy: Lolly

Cookie: TimTam (also the best packaged cookie I have ever eaten!)

Grilled Cheese: Toastie

Bad: Average

Awesome: SweetAzz

Pretty SweetAzz
Pretty SweetAzz


Tea served in a sweater
Tea served in a sweater

True to form, the kiwi fruits down here are incredible. New Zealanders also know a thing or two about coffee and in addition to creating traditional cappuccinos and lattes they have mastered the flat white and the long black. I’m still waiting for the slow grey but so far flat whites are killing it. The food at the SnowFarm is an interesting (and very tasty) mix of British inspired dishes with Asian influence like spicy lamb curry, miso soup with tofu and seaweed, rice noodle salad with eel, eggplant couscous and meat pies.  TimTams are also a local staple-think two shortbread cookies filled with chocolate Oreo frosting and covered in rich milk chocolate.

jessie's lunch!
Jessie’s lunch!


Cruising around the trails (photo from Jessie)
Cruising around the trails (photo from Jessie)

Totally unpredictable. Every day is different and we’ve had a little bit of everything from 50mph winds that nearly blow you off the mountain to still sunny days skiing in sports bras. The trails cover over 25km of varied terrain plus the option for crust skiing out into the hills! We’ve had klister conditions and fast skating along with a few inches of fresh powder and cold hard wax cruising.

The one guarantee is spectacular views no matter what the weather. Even in total whiteouts the fog is mesmerizing!

KO, Soph, Erika and Liz on a crust cruise
KO, Soph, Erika and Liz on a crust cruise

Seasons and Time

So technically it is the end of winter down here. A short drive off the mountain places us smack dab in the middle of Wanaka where trees are starting to bloom and spring is in the air. Over the course of a month we will have experience summer in VT, winter and spring in New Zealand, and fall upon arrival back in VT in just a few days. Mind blowing. Even after being here for two weeks the time change still confuses me. We are 16 hours ahead of the east coast but across the dateline…which basically means at 12 PM here on Tuesday it is 8 PM on Monday in Vermont. This is how I imagine scrambled eggs feel all the time.

The beach at Wanaka
The beach at Wanaka
On a warmup run before strength
On a warmup run before strength

We have a few more days down unda’ before returning to Vermont and are making the most of midsummer (winter) skiing and training and can’t wait for the first snow to fly up north!

Thanks for checking in!




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