Sophie’s Hanover Clinic Recap

Over the weekend, we drove north for our second clinic of the summer in Hanover, NH. We had a great turnout of kids ranging from 1st grade to seniors in high school. We introduced ourselves and then split into two group based on age and headed for the bounding hills. DSC_9890.jpg

I was in charge of the younger group (1st-5th grades) with Ben and Julia. We ran the kids through some of our typical dynamic warmup and ended the warmup with some practice finish skate sprints and lunges. We weren’t sure if our kids were going to want to get into the specifics of skiing, but they insisted on leading us to the biggest hill in the woods to practice bounding. After a few laps of bounding and giving them some tips on coordination, we headed to the soccer field for relays. We split into three relay teams and set up an agility course for them. We were satisfied to see the race end in a three way tie before heading in for some video and Q&A.DSC_0001.jpg

After showing them our team video and a couple World Cup sprint videos, we opened up the floor for question time. The kids had some awesome questions that really made us think, and they were rewarded with an SMS hat for asking a good question. I think we could have stayed there for hours, but unfortunately we had to make the drive back home that evening. Thanks to everyone who showed up to our clinic. That could have been the most enthusiastic group of kids I’ve ever worked with!DSC_9944.jpgDSC_0060.jpg


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