Pre-season Feelings

Julia gives us a funny, fresh take on what skiers think before the season begins! 

Half of the team is packing for Europe, while half the team is gearing up to head west. Although our team is physically heading in opposite directions, we are all moving in the direction of the start to new race season and in search of snow! In these two final weeks, the team scratching off things on their to-do list, soaking up the few last days with family at home, and I am finishing up the last two weeks of school for this term.

After a solid training camp in Park City, I headed straight back to school just in time for round two of midterms. This time of year can be a mixed bag of feelings…let me just lay out a few with gifs included.

1) Discomfort: “Burrrrr it is cold, (2 minutes later…) I am so hot, how do I dress??”


2)Excitement: “Winter is coming! Wheeee”


3)Worry: “Where is the snow? L Will there be enough snow for the first races? #prayforsnow”


4) Nervous: “Woah, race season is only 2 weeks away…”


5) Excitement: “Race season is really only 2 weeks away!”


6) Stress: “I still have so much to do before I leave!”


7) Confusion: “hmmm….what should I pack”


8) Tired: “It is sooo dark out so early!” #needmyvitaminD


In all of this mixed bag of emotions, excitement definitely dominates in my mind. Because our race season is so short and we get to be on snow so little time of the year, it is something I really look forward to! Not only are we snow, we get to travel to incredible places and show off the result of our hard work in the off season!


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