Simi’s Packing Essentials

It’s always a daunting task to pack your duffel bag for everything you need for  five months away from home, but when you think about it, there are worse things you could be doing.. Really, you just have to make sure you have enough clean underwear, your race suit, your toothbrush, and a warm jacket. You don’t actually need much more than that. But if you’re going to be happy, healthy, and comfy while on the road, you need a bit more. Here’s a list of what you’d find if you unzipped my duffel bag anytime between November through April.

  • 5 pair underwear
  • 5 pair wind briefs (underwear for racing and training)
  • 4 t shirts
  • 5 training shirts (3 long sleeved, 2 short sleeved)
  • 3 pair training tights
  • 2 pair jeans
  • 8 pair socks
  • 3 pair Oakley glasses
  • 2 racing headbands
  • 2 racing/training hats
  • 1 casual hat
  • 2 puffy jackets (1 super warm, 1 medium down)
  • 2 training jackets (1 thin, 1 medium thick)
  • 2 training pants (1 thin, 1 medium thick)
  • 5 pair gloves (3 thin race gloves, 1 race mitten, 1 casual warm glove)
  • 3 pair boots (skiathlon, skate, classic)
  • 1 Aero Press coffee maker
  • Coffee
  • Cholula
  • ColdFX
  • Toiletry kit
  • Teddy bear (his name is Oatmeal)


So, if you’re planning an xc ski trip anytime soon, follow this packing last and you’ll be sure to be happy, healthy, and comfy during your travels!


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