Julia’s Camp Craftsbury Update

After much time spent on the road, I decided to head home early after the Birkie team sprints were cancelled due to lack of snow. Ironically enough, I was surprised by 73 degree weather at home in the Boston area, but the snow held out for the few days I was home. I enjoyed sports bra skiing in the sun while getting my tan on (yes, I did get a pole strap tan line on my hand)! I also got to ski with a former teammate of mine at the Windblown Cross Country Ski Area, one of my favorite places to ski growing up.


Skiing with Corey Stock at Windblown in a sports bra…in February!

I made a last minute decision to jump in the annual Bogburn race, a 7km ski race through the woods of Vermont on a single-track trail. It was so fun to race in a low key, incredibly fun adventure ski race that crossed rivers and slalomed through the woods. The technical course made for perfect agility practice. After the race, a few Dartmouth Alumni’s from the ski team and my parents and I went for another lap because the skiing was unlike anything we ever get to ski. Race courses are becoming more like highway skiing every year so a windy course that you can’t actually memorize is quite refreshing!

IMG_0011.jpegSkiing with Dartmouth skiers during our cool down on the single-track trail.

Once the snow had quickly melted away at home, I headed up to Craftsbury where our team reunited after our Midwest trip. Even after a period of warm weather and rain, Craftsbury still had the full 5km race loop and 12km of skiing total, allowing our team to get in a great training block on some sweet terrain. During the season it is often hard to get in any training because we are racing so often, but this was the perfect opportunity for the team to have good skiing conditions to work on technique and other things without having to cut workouts short because of races. The team is still training in Craftsbury until everyone splits their ways, either going to Europe for OPA Cups or to Canada for World Cup Finals.  I just arrived in Lake Placid, NY for Junior Nationals to get some racing in before World Cup Finals in Quebec, Canada just two short weeks away!


Erika is excited to be back in Craftsbury!

DSC_2951.jpegVermont sunset.


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