Fairbanks feelings…

Here we are, in sunny and cold Fairbanks, Alaska, ready for the last 4 races of the entire season! The team is excited (especially for the team relay, because of course we are) and everyone has different parts of the week they’re looking forward to and pumped about. Here’s a quick snapshot from the team!

Jessie, Anne, Sophie and Erika showing off the new suits! (photo from Paddy)

Anne: “I’m having so much fun with my fellow food lover Jessie cooking up some tasty treats to fuel us through a big week of racing!”

Paddy: “This is my first time in Alaska – it has been really fun to explore somewhere new and see the ski culture and history here in Fairbanks.”

Erika doing a little ski testing at the stadium!

Jessie: “It’s so fun for me to get to be with my SMS family again and hang out cooking, doing yoga, enjoying the sunshine and catching up in between races!”

Coach Pat testing the last of the skis the day before the skiathlon.

Sophie: “This is my first time to Fairbanks and so far it hasn’t disappointed! It’s cold, but by race time the temperatures have warmed and the sun is shining bright. The race trails are awesome and I’m excited to finish off the season with my SMS teammates.”

Andy: “The weirdest thing thats happened so far? I got sick the day before the first race… thats actually not that weird because it happens all the time at Spring Nationals. It’s a pain in my ass {butt}, but at least I will be able to work on my cheering skills for a few days.”

Erika: “I’m really looking forward to the team relay. We’ve been runner up too many times, this year we can win”

Simi: “It’s great to be in beautiful Alaska for our last races of the season. They’ve had a great snow year up here in Fairbanks, the skiing is probably the best we’ve had all year, and finally being able to spend time together as the SMS family is a great way to end the season. I think everyone up here wants to race fast this week, but the vibe is still one of celebration at the end of a long season and to be able to hang out with so many people in the US xc ski community is an opportunity we only get once a year, so we’re all pretty psyched for that.”

Ben: ”     “.


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