Group training gets the best results

Jessie shares some awesome workouts the team has been up to this week. 

I love getting to train with such a motivated and driven group of athletes! Having a strong team to train with means that everyone has a chance to push themselves to be better every day by finding someone to learn from. We’re all good at very different aspects of ski racing. Some days you find yourself leading the group intervals, and other days you find yourself drafting off your teammates and doing your best to pick up on their technique and copy the things they do well. And this give-and-take makes the entire group get much faster, quicker!

The group right off the line (photo by Sverre Caldwell)

This week we have had some really great quality workouts, including a lot of Level 3 skating on tuesday and the uphill run test on thursday. We saw a lot of PR’s and some of us found new high heart rates for the summer!

Up and up and up! (photo by Sverre Caldwell)

But a workout doesn’t have to be high intensity for there to be a huge benefit from training in a group. On the long, slower roller skis we learn from each other by watching and copying subtle little changes in technique. I like to ask my teammates what they’re thinking about when I see them striding really well, for instance. Learning the “cue words” they tell themselves can really help me too, because you never know when someone’s cue word really sticks in your mind and can work for you!

The girls train working together during skate intervals.

We’re looking forward to one more high-intensity workout and another long slow distance training day before taking a much-needed day to rest and recover!


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