Julia checks in from Dartmouth

While the rest of the team is training in Stratton this summer and heading to camps, I am taking classes and training at Dartmouth this summer! One could say I am doing my “sophomore summer” with the 19’ class I enrolled with, but I am really just starting my sophomore year. I decided to take artistic classes this summer such as drawing and photography so that I can try new things out and spend time in nice air-conditioned rooms 🙂

My first film prints.
My first drawing.

So far the weather has been actually quite nice other than the massive rain storm that wiped out a lot of roads and left the trails covered with fallen over trees. Although some of the roads have been washed out or the edges destroyed, the rollerskiing options are great. I have also been enjoying the endless amounts trails the Hanover area has to offer, going on long runs on a different trail every time.

Green everywhere.
Studying outside!

I am definitely most excited for our longer run/hikes in the White Mountains because those adventures are my absolute favorite! I am also hoping to make a few trips over to Stratton to seem my teammates and catch up with the team, but I bet I will see them up in the Whites for a run at some point too.


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