Keeping it Simple

Erika recaps the last week of awesome training! 

After a few weeks of training, getting married and playing in the mountains of the West, most of the SMS Elite Team returned to Stratton this week to kick off a big block of summer group training.

Mountain biking out West with Anya and Anja

Although encounters with wildlife are not uncommon out West (bears, deer, moose, mountain goats) most of the “nature” we see in Vermont is limited to squirrels and small birds. However, last weekend we were treated to one of my favorite (and Sophie’s least favorite) outdoor creatures on the top of Mount Baker. One of our go-to running loops at Stratton takes us around Griffith Lake and over Baker, Peru and Styles Peak. After some inclement weather on Saturday we were greeted by low humidity, sunshine and a perfect 65 degree day for our Sunday distance session. About halfway through the run we hit the summit of Baker Peak and were treated to clear views and couple of little gardener snakes sunning on the rocks. Sophie turned into a mountain goat and sped down the mountain while KO and I made friends, said hello and proceeded on our merry way.

KO spots a snake!

Apart from the tiny snake sighting, our return to Stratton has been business as usual …which sometimes is exactly what you need as a skier. We jumped back into the double pole test on Tuesday, bounding intervals on the mountain on Saturday and agility with the juniors before strength sessions. Sometimes the secret ingredient in the recipe for fast racing isn’t crazy hours or unusual workouts. Sometimes success means keeping it simple with good training, good fueling and good resting. The team is looking forward to a good dose of that in Stratton over the next month before we head down south to New Zealand and across the pond to Norway. Stay tuned as we up the hours and the intensity over the next few weeks!

Perfect day on Baker!



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