Seize the Day

We hear it all the time in the sporting world it has become one of the biggest clichés an athlete ever hears. Carpe diem, making it count… whatever phrase is most appealing to you they all pretty much get at the same thing; it’s about the here and the now and doing everything we can to improve today. And as cheesy as it sounds, I like it!

I like it because as an xc skier holding a phrase like that in the back of your mind can be incredibly relevant for staying focused throughout a long off season or when your long term goals seem so many months away. It’s only the middle of July! But that’s kind of the point. We are into the 3rd month of the training year and the initial excitement of beginning our training has warn off, the initial feel-good June boost in strength and fitness is behind us, now it’s all about the small gains, the daily grind.

Even if it is a grind, with some seriously inclement weather…views like this are still pretty sweet

I’ve been thinking a lot about making the most out of each day since returning from our Park City training camp and coming back to Stratton with the team. I have just two weeks here before heading to Norway and I want to get some productive training in with everyone while we are all at Stratton.  This is the biggest and most consistent training group we have ever had here at SMS so each workout is not only super fun but also a chance to learn a lot from each other.

Training group includes lots of junior skiers and athletes

Considering Vermont has brought us a taste of what you might call inclement weather I think we all have had to relay on a seizing the day type motto at some point this week. Intervals in the fog, 2.5-hour distances in the pouring rain, some blown out hip flexor speed days. I was stoked to get to chase down speedy Paddy in some 5×10 minute L3 skating this morning at a soggy BMD.  It has been one of those weeks that on your own would kind of suck, but with a team at your side has been pretty fun and filled with all kinds of small gains and as we move into the meat of the summer… that’s what it’s all about!

It may look like fall…but the gains we are making will help us once we actually hit the later fall months!

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