Fun, Sweaty Signs of the Time

If you haven’t tuned into the fact that Harry Styles has fully transformed from the One Direction boy band heart throb into a legitimate musical phenom…you clearly haven’t driven across the country listening to his latest album on repeat.  While there are other incredible songs on the album (my favorite is woman), the current radio tune is Sign of the Times.

When I first returned to Vermont after my western hiatus (a stay with my boyfriend out in South Dakota, an on snow camp in Bend, and THE wedding of the year), I was preparing for the worst a Vermont summer can offer. Namely, the dual attack of heat and humidity (or triple attack and add in some bugs).  But for the first week, I can only describe the weather as pleasant.  Week two brought more of the same, with some days more reminiscent of fall training than summer.

Then this past Monday came around, and we were hit with the ultimate sign of the times.       With every day bringing the possibility of a massive thunderstorm that never really occurred, we have consistently been building up ridiculous levels of heat, humidity, bug bites…and sweat.

The ULTIMATE sign of the times was the fact that after two workouts in a row, I (a self proclaimed dry lander with no love putting my face underwater) voluntarily jumped into cold bodies of water.  This morning we completed perhaps our sweatiest workout of the year, a 50 minute continuous bounding session around the SMS woods below school.


Stopping only for the occasional drink of water or lactate test, we built up a lot of fitness, chafing, and salt.  The workout is really great for building lactate tolerance, and practicing the subtle shift between “easy downhills” and “hard uphills.”  Working together to mimic strengths and focus on weaknesses, the workout was a smashing and sweating success.  Defining the day were two incidents: Jessie’s hair transforming into a potential hiding spot for a hamster, and Erika waiting to get a lactate and going blind from sweat in the process.

A picture is worth 1,000 words and one hamster.

All of this is a sign that the times are doing exactly what they are supposed to do…making us really excited for winter 🙂


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