Back into VT training!

It’s good to be back! I’ll be honest, beating back the jet lag and time change wasn’t easy, but now that the team is recovered from our epic New Zealand training camp it’ll be nice to have a few weeks with everyone here to get some good solid training in at home! These next few weeks will be a good chance to focus on getting back into intensity training and shorter, harder intervals after some great volume in NZ. We got a chance to do some FIS racing there which was awesome, but also reminded us that it’s time to start shaping our fitness into more race-ready pacing as we get closer to November!

Getting some intervals done on a slightly soggy day! (image from Reese Brown/SIA Images)

But while we were in our recovery week, I went on a really fun and relaxing camping trip with my boyfriend, Wade, to Bourne Pond! It was funny hiking in and camping in a place that’s only a few miles from home as the crow flies, but it was a beautiful part of the Green Mountains that we hadn’t yet seen!

These signs are adorable.

It was really nice to hike in nice and slow and take the time to really enjoy the trail! Usually, we’re running all the trails we go on, which is super awesome, but sometimes it’s fun to slow it down a little and notice more.

Wade and I enjoying the slow hike in.

We REALLY slowed down life with the hammock by the pond! After a lot of travel it felt pretty good to unwind! And now that I’m rested, I’m super excited to be back in training with the team!

Some pretty cool clouds in the lake!

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