Back on the Circuit

*Sophie checking in!

Julia, Jessie, Simi, Kyle, and I have been in Europe for ten days! On November 16th, we packed our bags and flew to Norway, where we had our pre-season camp. We were lucky to arrive at the same time as a snowstorm and there was an endless amount of skiing to be had. We spent a lot of our time on the race trails, testing skis and hopping in some races, but on the easier days, Beitostølen had a huge network of easier tourist trails that we were able to explore.

Exploring the tourist trails with Julia

Norway was having their season opener races in Beitostolen the weekend after we arrived, so we all jumped in one or two of the races to get the first race under our belts before heading to the World Cup. It’s funny because Norway has so many ski racers and the field is so deep, especially on the mens’ side, that it can be almost as strong as a World Cup field some days! I only did the classic sprint over the weekend and I was psyched to qualify in 3rd and end the day in 3rd. Any day in the final or on the podium is a great day and I was excited to ski four rounds and use slightly different tactics for each one.

Post race selfie wit Grover.

After a couple more training days in Beitostolen after the races, we hopped on a couple planes to head to Ruka, Finland. Our first World Cups are this weekend in the form of a mini tour. Tune in to watch the classic sprints Friday, classic distance races Saturday, and skate distance races Sunday. Thanks for following!

Soaking in the few rays of sunshine we get. 

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