Annie Hart

A Midwest native, Annie moved out to the east to attend Dartmouth College and right after joined the team. Annie has been on the team for 3 years. Annie has an endless amount of energy, which she usually pours into training, talking and baking.


AGE: 25

HOMETOWN: Stillwater, Minnesota


FAVORITE SONG: Most anything Bob Dylan…or my top play on iTunes currently is Summertime Sadness (the dance remix).  Make of that what you will.

LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: A gluten free, dairy free, fat free and fun free muffin.

BEST TRAINING LOCALE: I love running on the Appalachian Trail

FAVORITE RACE VENUE: Bohart Ranch in Bozeman, MT

NOTABLE RESULTS: 5x NCAA All-American, 5x World Junior/U23 World Championships Qualifier, Represented US at 2016 World Cup Finals, 2x US National Championships podium finisher


IF YOU WEREN’T A SKIER, YOU WOULD: Own a bakery and/or a bed and breakfast

SOMETHING YOU DO EVERY DAY: Think about what I’m going to be making for dinner (and dessert).

CATS OR DOGS? Why meow when you can woof?  Dogs, definitely.

FAV SMS T2 MEMORY: Making Thanksgiving dinner at the West Yellowstone camp in 2012.  It was truly an all day and all team extravaganza, and just when it looked like we would be ordering pizza the whole thing came together and was so delicious.  The day was filled with hilarious moments (the boys realizing they didn’t have a pan to cook the turkey in and my mom coming to save the day), at least three separate trips to the grocery store for just the mashed potatoes, and squeezing two times the suggested occupancy around the table.  It was so much fun and I’m looking forward to more team moments like this one 🙂

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