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Stratton Mountain School is an elite ski academy located at the base of Stratton Mountain Resort in Stratton Mountain, VT. The school provides our facilities, coaching and an incredibly supportive community.



Established in 1940, r.k. MILES, Inc. has years of experience backed with unparalleled products and services. They not only supply quality materials, but also support their local athletic communities by building and maintaining mountain bike trails in Manchester, VT, a project the T2 team has gotten to help with each summer.


The Stratton Corporation and its associated community is a pivotal part of keeping the T2 team running.


Our uniforming sponsor, PodiumWear keeps us looking good and racing fast (because one clearly leads to the other). Podium Wear is a Minnesota based company that focuses on quality products and custom design for any ski, run or bike kits.

Toko JPG Color

Racing professionally requires a great deal of ski wax, and waxing gear. We’re a proud Toko team, getting the best racing products out there to keep us ahead on race day.

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